Twenties - A Poem

Seseorang berjalan di atas padang pasir tanpa alas kaki. ilustrasi saya terhadap dri saya yang tengah berkelana di bumi ini.
Photo Ben Mack from Pexels

Under the grey sky
Stepping on the rocks, stream, and hay
Keep running in the raindrops
With the pour of hopes
Do you want to be the second 
Or to be the number one
It’s based on what you do
For the hardest work and learn

You’ll find the light
If you choose the right
Don't overthink to what's people say
They don't know what you've done

Everything will just be fine
And just being your best
Stop blaming the time
Because you will pass the test
It’s hard to be just only one
You need the other two
You’ve found dozens of friends
But the best is always to be with you
In the rain, August 2022. (Re-write on July 2023)

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