Today : A Poem for Remind Later

Dendrobium sp. (a growing year)


What are you looking for?

Money, certificates, and other wealthy papers?
Appreciation for your titles, carriers, positions, and awards?
Or deeper? 
Loves, friendships, happiness...

Which one do you pursue for your life?
Or your moment... 
The answer is living for Today!

Can you guarantee what will happen then?
The hopes, the dreams, what're your goals in the future...,
It is the booster for your life... NOW,
It belongs to your PRESENT life.

Because NOW you can have a lot of hopes.
But it can disappear then.
It doesn't mean you can lie down for the rest of your day.
Because you must take the moment of your present life, it is your TREASURE.

Past is the memory
Tomorrow is the mystery
But today is the gift, because of that we call it present

Bogor, June 5th 22

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